Autonomous Women's house

The Autonomous Women's house Regensburgburg offers protection and a safe shelter for women and their children who have been affected by violence. Women and children receive counselling and support from us and can develop new perspectives for their own lives.

Who can come to a women's house?

The women's shelter offers safe accommodation for women who have been affected by violence and their children. To ensure protection and safety, the address of the women's house is secret.

How is the way into a women's house?

The coworkers of the women's house are attainable over the telephone number 0941 -24000. The office of the women's house can be reached from Monday to Thursday from 8.00 h to 17.00h and on Friday until. Outside the opening hours, one of the staff members is on the phone. The mobile phone number of the respective employee can be obtained from the office's answering machine.

A first personal meeting takes place by appointment on the premises of the counselling centre.

Since the women's house is often fully occupied - due to the small number of places, the housing market situation, etc. - a telephone enquiry regarding a free place is urgently needed. In this telephone conversation, all necessary information about admission and life in the women's house can be discussed.

If the escape to the women's house can be prepared, it is helpful to bring the following with you:

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Approval of paternity and custody declaration
  • Health insurance card-Vaccination pass
  • U-Book (from the Pediatrician)
  • notification of child benefit, notification of parental benefit
  • Necessary medication
  • Personal items, such as photos or cuddly toys-Clothing

In an emergency, however, the affected person does not need to bring anything with her to get to the women's shelter.   Personal belongings and documents can be obtained afterwards with our help.

The most important thing is that the woman brings herself and her children to safety!

How do women and children live in the womens house?

The women who are admitted live alone or in a room with their children. The kitchen and the bathroom are shared and the inhabitants of the house look after themselves and their children. They organise their everyday life independently and make their own decisions. A set of rules for living together in the house is laid down by the house rules, which all inhabitants must follow. The secrecy of the address as well as respect, consideration and non-violence have the highest priority.

How many women and children live in the women's house?

12 women and their children are accommodated in the autonomous women's house in Regensburg. The rooms vary in size, some are suitable for a woman without a child, some for a woman with child(ren). Bathroom and kitchen are always shared by two to four families, the rooms are all furnished and the kitchens are fully equipped. Washing machines are also available.

How long can a woman and her children stay in the women's house?

The length of stay depends on the respective situation of the woman and her children. Protection and safety are the highest priority. Furthermore, the perspectives for life after the stay in the women's house are worked out. Every woman is supported in this process by the women's house staff.

A women's house is always also a children's house:

The children and young people have often experienced violence themselves or as witnesses. That is why the women's house offers them protection and security and also counselling and support. This takes place in the form of individual and/or group offers.

Can a woman still receive support after her stay in a women's house?

Even after her stay in a women's house, women and children can receive advice and support from the association "Frauen helfen Frauen e.V.". This takes place via the advice centre. Whether the offer of subsequent counselling is to be used is decided by the respective persons themselves.

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