Counselling Centre for Women

The Counselling Centre for Women offers information, counselling and support in cases of partnership conflicts and domestic violence. In addition to affected women, friends, acquaintances and relatives who have contact with affected women and children and need information can also contact us, as well as specialists from various institutions.

The advice can be given by telephone - anonymously if desired - or in person. The employees of the Outreach Clinic can be reached from Monday to Thursday from 8.00 h to 17.00 h and on Friday until 14.00. In urgent cases, they can also be reached outside of opening hours via the telephone helpline. The telephone number is 0941 -24000..

The consultations are free of charge, confidential and open-ended and range from one-off information and counselling interviews to longer, supportive accompaniment.

The women affected by violence decide themselves which topics are discussed in the counselling sessions. We offer information and the possibility of emotional relief and stabilisation in life crises. We would like to support the affected women in developing strategies for coping with experiences of violence and their consequences, and to expand their competencies to act and initiate change. The aim is to enable them to shape their everyday life in a self-determined way.

Possible consulting contents:

  • Information on separation, divorce, custody
  • Violence Protection Act: Prohibition of contact and proximity, allocation of housing ("He who strikes, goes")
  • Stalking
  • Measures for your safety

Consultations can also take place with an interpreter.

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